About Digital Assets Inheritance Services

We are Digital Assets Inheritance Services. We are a crypto trust planning firm dedicated to providing a personalized approach to address the needs of everyday people. Trust have been used for many generations to preserve, grow and transfer wealth. As crypto investors we wanted a way for our gains in the market to one day be given to our children and in the interim pursue an investment strategy that would grow the inheritance many times over that we are passing to them.

After developing the system we had only planned to share it with close friends and family, we then recognized that this was an opportunity to not only change our children’s financial future, but thousands of children. Crypto investing provides an opportunity to participate in the greatest wealth creation of our time. We’ve taken a time proven strategy, long-term holding and combined it with the fastest growing sector, cryptocurrency. For those who join us in our mission to change the financial future of ten of thousands of young people, we thank you for your trust and look forward to many years of success.


We believe that honesty and integrity are the foundation of any successful business relationship, and that trust is key. As such we are committed to open and honest communication with our users and internal teams.


Cryptocurrencies and the underlying tech, the blockchain is the world’s first immutable and transparent ledger. All transfers and sub transfers can be easily tracked and shared. Giving our users peace of mind that the assets they placed in trust will be there when it’s time to be distributed to their beneficiaries.

Commitment to Service

We take the time to get to know each of our clients’ hopes, concerns, and goals. We’re here, with an empathetic ear, to review and discuss all decisions needed to complete your estate plan.

And we provide guidance and education every step of the way to ensure that your vision is achieved in the fastest, most economical way possible. We’re not finished until you have zero unanswered questions and 100% satisfaction.

meat our management team

Elijah T Kajar

Founder & Head of Operations

Akili Polee

Chief Blockchain Analyst

Mitcy Benitez

Head of Client Relations

Jessica Lipit

Client Support Specialist